Hands on with the new Microsoft Surface Hub

Hands on with the new Microsoft Surface Hub

I had the pleasure recently of interacting with the Surface Hub at a trade show where they had not one but two of the devices for users to interact with. I played with the first Surface/Interactive Displays that came out several years ago however this new surface is a completely different breed. It may be one of the most imaginative things I have seen thus far and the application possibilities for this device are limitless. The Surface Hub team had two displayed both are the smaller version (55″/140cm) one of which was mounted to the wall and the second was on a mobile platform that was designed to be rolled which you can see below. The device itself comes with two interactive pens that register both the tip for writing and the top for erasing The applications that were available weren’t comprehensive yet though they had several examples applications that characterized the use of the interactive display that were working.

  • Bing Maps Preview
  • One Note (Of Course!)
  • An Engineering Document Viewer like CAD
  • A virtual Corkboard which you could pin videos and images
  • others…

There were some other applications that could not be demonstrated such as Skype where the interface was there just not the functionality. I’d be very interested to see the Video Conference Applications that could be developed for this system. The application that interested me the most was this virtual cork board which was able to play multiple HD Videos at the same while taking snapshots and highlighting the captures at the same time. The applications for this kind of application are limitless, and I took a short video of what you could do with this application which I will upload and publish shortly. All in all the new Surface Hub is an exciting product and I’m eager to see the real pricing when its released.

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