Just Published: SharePoint Online Preview Command-Lets on TechNet

Just Published: SharePoint Online Preview Command-Lets on TechNet

Following the open beta announced at ignite, Microsoft is publishing more information now about the high speed migration and the commands necessary to run the migration.

Now on TechNet: Use Windows PowerShell cmdlets for SPO Migration Public Preview

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While a little light on the details and errors you will find the basic information from the previous four commands for creating and submitting the migration jobs as well as the command to remove a migration job.

  • New-SPOMigrationPackage – This is the command that
  • ConvertTo-SPOMigrationTargetPackage – Convert the Generated package to SharePoint Online specific (Suspect they’re bundling credentials in the packages)
  • Set-SPOMigrationPackageAzureSource – Upload the created package to the selected Azure Container
  • Submit-SPOMigrationJob – Process the uploaded job and return an ID of the migration job
  • Remove-SPOMigrationJob -Remove the migration job using the ID previous supplied by the Submit commandlet

Hopefully this is just the beginning of the high speed migration information to come out from the team. Stay tuned!


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