300GB Test Migration Results via SharePoint Online High Speed Migration

300GB Test Migration Results via SharePoint Online High Speed Migration

Updated Aug 19th: Quick Synopsis 40 hours @ 7.3GB/hr

After reading up on the newest information on (found here) high speed migration I set out to see what exactly does high speed mean? How much of an improvement will I expect for these migrations over what is currently available?

The first thing I had to do was find a large dataset. So like all good SharePoint Nerds, I have been slowly consuming all the Ignite Videos and struck upon the idea of having my own personal copy of all the videos (cue evil laugh). I set up a drive in my Azure Migration VM with enough space to download all the videos. Then I kicked off this nifty powershell script to get all the content (found here). Soon enough I had a 300GB (well ~294GB) test data set for this migration.

Migration Results 4

Here you can see all the files on my VM in Azure totaling a whopping 294 GB (315,927,233,378 bytes).

What you don’t see here since I’ve demonstrated in my previous post (found here) is the process of creating the package and getting that package into Azure Storage. In addition you don’t see the job being kicked off, just the results.

Migration Results 1

In the end though it looks like Most if not all of the content made it to the cloud as you can see above and that is quite a lot of information. A quick note is that I haven’t gone through to see what files are missing yet if there are any or if the sizes are just represented differently, the analysis tools aren’t there yet since its in preview still.


Migration Results 2Here we can see that the migration finished at 7/7/2015 at 11:54PM as thats the last modified date of the top level folder and a lot of the subfolders.

Migration Results 3

On the last page of the results we can see that the first file (that I could find) go in on 7/6/2015 at 7:41AM

What this means is that it took 40 hours and 13 minutes to Migrate almost 300GB of data to SharePoint Online. The best part of this is that it took me roughly 24hours just to download all the slides and videos from Channel 9, so the difference in average use is not much.

  • Download of Channel 9 Ignite videos  ~24 hours or 12.25 GB/hr
  • Packaging of 294GB Data  ~5 minutes or 3600 GB/hr
  • Uploading of data to Azure Storage ~6 Hours or 50 GB/hr
  • Importing of data into SharePoint Online ~40 Hours or  7.3GB/hr

If you extrapolate this information, a single threaded process could migrate 1TB of data in just under 6 days. Thats pretty impressive any way you slice it up. As with many situations your mileage may vary when running your own migrations depending on azure regions, your office 365 tenant location, and the phase of the moon. I hope you found this informative and I look forward to sharing further discoveries.

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