SharePoint Online Cloud High Speed Migration Test Summary

SharePoint Online Cloud High Speed Migration Test Summary

Thanks to Mikael Svenson for the helping generate data for these tests and providing feedback.

Over the last couple months  I have been testing and experimenting with the new SharePoint Import Service provided by the Office 365 team. It is interesting to see where the investment dollars are going in the SharePoint team these days. Once I saw that the beta was opened to the public, I jumped at the chance to test it. It was a bit slow going at first however now that they’re sharing more information on technet and on yammer, it should be easy to find resources necessary to support migration activities. Long story short, the service is much faster than migration capabilities functioning in a client context, creating a new highway directly SharePoint Online and below you can find a table describing the tests that occurred. Please note that your results will vary based on your region/region of your azure accounts, network speeds, lunar cycle, and the hamsters powering your computer, so take them with a very big grain of salt. Without further ado, the results!

Test NameTest TypeData SizeData CompositionObserved TimeObserved Speed GB/HRObserved Speed per TBNotes
Large File Test (Test 1)Serial294 GB Large Video Files and Small Power Points1 day 16 hours7.3 GB / Hour5 Days 16 Hours per TBIgnite Videos and Presentations
Small File Test (Test 2)Serial316 GBWord Documents Between 1-5 MB4 days 1 hour3.26 GB / Hour12 Days 19 Hours per TBLots and Lots of Small Files
Small File Test (Test 3)Parallel316 GB Word Documents Between 1-5 MB1 day 1 hour12.6 GB / Hour3 days 8 hours per TB30 Individual Migrations, submitted at the same time

Migrating at 13GB an hour may not seem fast copying data compared to a fileshare, given the complexity involved getting data from 1 environment to the other, its a large improvement. I am excited to see how ISVs harness this power in their tools to migrate at cloud speed.

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Make sure you check out the Migration Guide on TechNet to get started and join the preview yammer group.

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