Office 365 SharePoint Import Service Suspended

Office 365 SharePoint Import Service Suspended

Yesterday a conversation came up on the Office 365 Network’s SharePoint Online Migration Group, stating that the import service had been disabled.

Service Suspended on Yammer

Sure enough when checking the link provided, it takes you to the the updated Import SharePoint data to Office 365 page (Updated April 4th), which up to a few days ago had instructions on how to ship your SharePoint Data to Microsoft (Updated March 1st). Suspended Import Service Technet Artcile Snippet

Also visible in the Office 365 Administration Portal under Import, you can see the same message.

suspended import service dashboard


While the import service is suspended, Migrations using the API & PowerShell commands still work. It is likely that the product management team finally reached the speeds they need for network migrations and decided that the Drive Shipping Service/Front End Service was no longer necessary. We will find out more information when they publish updated information.

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